(+254) 728124462 or (+254) 725836815 info@anointedcommunityacademy.org


What is Anointed Community Academy

Anointed Community Academy is a school that we are in the process of building to help the poor children in Mururi, which is a small village in Matunda, Kenya.

Who is in charge of the Project?

The project lead is Pastor Henry Jahonga

How much funds do you need?

We are aiming to raise USD 20,000. This amount will be sufficient for us to put up a school and get teachers to start helping the children.

What have you currently done?

We have already bough a piece of land where the school will be located. We have also started putting up structures of the school.

How can I contact you?

You can send us a message through our email info@anointedcommunityacademy.org or call our project director on 254 728124462