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Anointed Community Academy is located in Mururi, a small hamlet in Matunda. It’s a fledgling school relying on the support of donors and the community at large to get off the ground.

We thank God for the very generous support we’ve been receiving from well-wishers to get where we are. But rather than sit down and wait, we’ve been using a piecemeal approach to set up the structures with every amount we get from our active supporters.

To account, we started by buying a half an acre piece of land–thanks to Rachel Sung (Korea) who contributed 100 percent of the amount we used to buy the land and partly fund the construction. Other active supporters that pushed us this far include Paul Chau , David Twite, Carrisa Kimpinski, Edward Hensen and family, Jacques Boulet, Tove Hohous, and Rebecca Blain . He’s among the generous donors we can say have been a huge blessing to not only the children of Mururi, but the entire community as well.

The demand for quality education in Mururi greatly exceeds the number of schools we have in the area. For a community with more than 3, 400 children, two schools—all located miles away from Mururi, aren’t enough to offer the children in Mururi the quality education most of them thirst for.

Another notable sticking point in chain with the education backwardness in the village is the decrepitude conditions of the people in Mururi, most of whom depend on subsistence farming to lay food on their table and use the surplus to educate their children.

Lately, there have been increased cases of school dropping, something we attribute to poverty and the outlying distances of the two schools in the area.

What We’re Planning

Anointed Community Academy is a non-profit project solely aimed at providing quality education t0 the children of Mururi. We, therefore, plan on subsidizing the amount we’ll be charging as fees so we can ensure that every child in Mururi gets an opportunity to learn without being hamstrung by financial straits. Again, we plan on giving full sponsorship to the less privileged members of the community by providing free uniforms and meals to a selected number.

Our school will also be providing free computer lessons to not only the students we enroll, but to every member of the community who shows interest.

It’s also our prayer that every student we admit progresses to high school upon completion of primary education. We, therefore, plan to set up Anointed Community High School to accommodate the students who don’t get the privilege to continue with high school education after primary education.



Our Budget

Like we’ve already mentioned, we managed to buy a half an acre piece of land and set a temporal structure that we believe will be enough to set the project to a flying start. But with time we hope that God through you and other donors will help us get more space to expand the structures.

Here’s our Budget

What we’ve achieved so far

. – Bought half an acre piece of land, Kshs 500,000 (5500 USD)

. – Set up the temporal structures, Kshs 200,000 (2, 200 USD)

. – Built washrooms, Kshs 100, 000 (1,100 USD)

Our short term goals
. – Buy 200 desks for the students we plan to enroll come next year at 40USD each
Total = USD 8,000
. – Plaster the floor to curb jigger infestation, which is rampant in the area
Cost = 4000 USD for all the classes
. – Teachers salary
It’s our strong desire to pay our teachers a decent wage. But considering our current situation, we are planning on employing 10 teachers—a head teacher, deputy and 8 assistant teachers.
Total Salary = 1 month kshs 200, 000 (2,000 USD)
For a whole year = kshs 2, 000, 000 (20,000 USD)
. – Power application and wiring= 200,000 kshs/2000 USD

-Construction of sewer systems 200000 (2000USD)

-Miscellenous costs 1000USD
The total amount we need to accomplish our short term goals
= 40,000 USD




Contact Us

Email info@anointedcommunityacademy.org to visit or get more information concerning the project and how you may help.

You can also reach us through phone: No +254 728124462